I read a story a few days back and it was so powerful that I decided to share it with you.

I assure you that if you understand the true meaning of this story, then you will not gain success in network marketing but also in other areas.

Long ago, there was a king who was very rich and powerful.

He had everything MONEY, GOLD, SILVER, JEWELS, PRECIOUS STONES, LANDS, KINGDOMS, and so he boasts about it many times.

One day a wise monk visited his court.

The king welcomed the monk and started boasting about his richness and wealth and told his minister to take care of the monk and give him anything that he wishes for.

Upon hearing this, the wise monk thought to teach him a lesson that he will never forgive.

The monk pointed towards a chessboard and told the minister to place 1 Rice Grain in the first box of the board.

The king was surprised and told his minister to do the same.

Then the monk instructed the minister to put 2 rice grains in the second box, 4 rice grains in the third and 8 in the fourth.

He instructed the minister to double the number of rice grains in every successive box till the last box was filled, and that will be the final number of rice grains he will take.

Upon listening, the king laughed and thought how small his needs are, instead of asking for gold or silver, the monk just asked for a few rice grains.

The king ordered the minister to do the same and hand him the total rice grains, unaware of the fact that he was making a terrible mistake.

The minister started counting.

1 in the first box

2 in the second

4 in third

8 in fourth

16 in fifth

32 in sixth 

64 in seventh

128 in eighth

And so on 

The minister had just reached midway, and then he realized how big was this mistake.

He realized that the 33rd box alone contains rich, which equals the total sum of the rice in the first 32 boxes. 

And the last box which was the 64th box would contain rice equivalent to 1000 times the annual rice production of their entire empire.

The king got baffled and quickly realized his mistake. 

Compound effect helps you succeed in Network marketing

He apologized to the monk and thanked him for showing the reality.

The monk said this is the MAGIC OF COMPOUNDING.

One who truly understands it can be successful in any field of life.

So what do you understand from the story?

Did you guess what it takes to build a successful network marketing business?

Yes, you are right. It’s the Compound Effect.


Right now, If I give you a choice to choose 3 million USD in cash, this very instant or a single penny that doubles in value every single day for 31 days. What will you choose?

You must have heard it before. 

But If you choose the cash option, then you are in loss. 

Are you Surprised?

Compounding growth leads to success in Network marketing

On the 31st day the penny will become a large USD 10,737418.24, which is more than three times 3 million USD.

But How? 

Why is it so hard to believe that the penny route will lead to more enormous wealth.


It is because the payoff takes a longer time to be visible.

Initially, the penny will not grow to any significant amount. In fact, after completing 20 days with 11 days remaining, the penny just accumulates to USD 5,243 only. But still, it becomes three times in the remaining days. The magic of compounding will start showing its results.

It is the consistency that beats time.


hard work is the secret of success in network marketing

It is so important to be consistent in our life. Without consistency, the magic of the compound effect will not happen. It is our small task and efforts that we do every single day regularly without fail that initiates the compounding magic.

Most of the people fail to maintain that. They are unable to maintain consistency in their task and hence fail to reap the magic of compound effect.

How many people do you know who wants a fit body? Who must have started going to the gym with full enthusiasm but failed to maintain consistency and hence a healthy body?

How many people do you know who wants to be wealthy, started saving their money but unable to continue and hence are broke?

How many people do you know who started the Network Marketing Business, worked for a few days, but failed to continue and said it’s not working.

A lot. Right?

What do you think, Whose fault is it?

Is it the fault of the gym or the savings account or the network marketing business?

None of them. Right?

It is our fault. It is we who fail to understand the real power of consistency. It is our fault that we are unable to harness the power of compounding. Consistency is the secret of success in network marketing.


Believe it or not, consistency is the only magic pill that can give you success. It is challenging to be consistent, but it is the only thing that matters. To be consistent, we need to repeat the task. We need to do the task over and over again to reach perfection.

However, we do not see any results for the hard work initially.

Take the case

Does anyone achieve a slimmer body just by a few months of effort? No, right.

Does anyone become rich just by investing for a few years? No.

As we are unable to see the results of our hard work, we get sad, and this demotivates us to continue further. 

However, it works in a negative direction as well.

We love to eat sweets and junk foods, even after knowing that it is unhealthy. Why?

It gives us instant results of sweet and delicious feelings, which is very hard to escape.

Instead, imagine what will happen if we become fat immediately. 

Funny, right. We will completely ignore it.

It is called Instant gratification, our lust for immediate pleasures. It is the only force that is working against us and will not allow being consistent in our work.


What is that one important thing one must have to be successful in the business?

To have a successful network marketing business, one needs to be consistent. We need to perform our tasks daily. We need to make a list daily. We need to cold call daily. We need to schedule meetings daily.

Consistency is the key Network marketing skill

I know it is laborious and repetitive, especially when you are unable to see the results. But remember to be consistent, you need to see the long term vision. You need to overcome the desire for immediate pleasures, and you need to delay the gratification.


Network marketing business has a great future in India, Many fail to realize its true potential and are unable to gain success in the industry.

You will not see the result in the first month, not in the second, not even third or fourth or fifth. However, after some time, your continuous effort and hard work in network marketing will show you the MAGIC OF COMPOUNDING as it happened midway in the chessboard. 

Rice grains growing exponentially from the 33rd box. Similarly, the network marketing business shows the exponential result in overtime after you consistently build your network.

You will get surprised by the power of compounding working silently in the background as you are building the network leading to your success in network marketing.

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